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Internal Medicine and Cardiology

“Most of the great leaders in medicine in general have come from internal medicine because of the breadth and depth of its academic and clinical work. It draws the best and brightest.” – David Gremillion, MD, FACP

Orchid Hospital provides the best internal medicines In Janakpuri, offering diabetes treatment in Janakpuri with modern facilities, multispecilised doctors, Orchid Hospital provides comprehensive treatment to patients of all age groups. If it’s internal medical, cardiology, obstetrics and Gynecology general and laparoscopic surgery or any other specialty fields. Our hospital’s staff is highly skilled medical professionals, who provide the highest quality medical treatment. Patients can count to Orchid Hospital for its commitment to providing top-quality medical care and for its commitment to the health the patients. We also known as the best heart specialist hospital in Dwarka. 

Heart Specialist Hospital in Dwarka

Here at Orchid Hospital we have specialists who apply their scientific expertise and clinical expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and caring for adults from health to complicated illness. They are particularly skilled to diagnose a variety of nagging medical conditions and in the ongoing treatment of chronic illness and caring for patients suffering from more than one illness.


Regularly see patients suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and pulmonary diseases. An internal medicine doctor can consult with doctors in other areas of medicine or could be requested to examine the patient by a different specialist.

heart specialist hospital in Dwarka
diabetes treatment in Janakpuri

Diabetes Treatment in Janakpuri

The metabolic disorder known as diabetes occurs which causes the body to stop producing or fails to utilize insulin, which is a hormone that is necessary to convert starches, sugars and other foods into energy. Diabetes Mellitus is characterised by constant high levels blood glucose (sugar). The effects of diabetes mellitus include long-term damage, dysfunction and failure of various organs. Diabetes can lead to serious complications and premature death, but appropriate evaluation, guidance and precaution taken in time can be of immense help to control the disease and lower the risk of complications.


Endocrinology also deals with treating Thyroid problems as well other Hormonal ailments such as Prolactinoma, growth Hormone related ailments etc.

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    Our Patient's Speak

    Very well mannered staff with complete focus on patient care. On this Dr’s day I salute Dr. Ganguly and Dr. Gupta alongwith their team of drs for their selfless services. I really liked the approach of Dr. Manisha, she is very disciplined, concerned about the patient care.

    Mr. Rajiv Kumar


    Its a very good hospital in west delhi, with well experienced doctors. i was admiited for dengue fever. my treating doctor was Dr. Hari Om Gupta. He & his staff were very prompt and the treatment was very effective. Hospital is good and hygenic. If one is looking for a good treatment at affordable.

    Mrs. khushi Gambhir


    My experience at orchid hospital was very good. i went there of my sister delivery. I am very thankful to the gynae dr. Krishna priya ganguly who took very good care of my sister and her child. Nurses and other all staff was also very good and polite.

    Mrs. Minakshi Sharma


    I’m very thankful to Dr. Hari Om Gupta and his team for saving my brothers life. he was very critical, on ventilator and was revived successfully. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who is seeking quality care.

    Mr. Sandeep Singh


    Dr Ganguly is really very experienced & practical doctor. Fantastic team of doctor’s & nice environment & very supportive staff. I will highly recommend her for consultation and treatment because of her diagnosis and treatment.

    Mrs. Geeta